What it Takes to Become a Successful Internet Marketer


This article is for anyone out there looking to get into the internet marketing industry and wondering what it takes to succeed. You may be surprised that it does not take any specific spectacular talent to become a successful internet marketer. In fact, many of today’s successes in the industry came from various previous career situations (I was an aerospace engineer personally, and knew nothing about the industry before I began). Listed below are the four keys to successfully starting your internet marketing career.

Determination and Effort

This is going to be the main factor in determining whether you succeed or fail in this industry. Some people, regardless of how much training or how many tools you give them to succeed, will simply fail due to lack of effort. Set out from the beginning as if this is your new full-time job. Don’t get into it just to make “a little extra money”, and don’t get into it thinking you’re going to put in an hour or two of work in here and there and have it work out. Start as if this is your new full-time job. Set goals of what you want to achieve, and don’t stop until you’ve reached them. It’s understandable that some people looking to get into this line of work are currently employed in other full-time jobs, and can’t put full-time effort into internet marketing, and that’s fine. Work on your marketing part-time when you have the time, but keep the “full-time mindset”, i.e. put consistent daily effort into your marketing efforts, not one or two hours every now and then whenever you feel like it. Success will not come over night. You can’t quit when you’re still struggling after a week or a month, or two months… or however long it takes. Keep pushing and you will succeed.


Now of course all of the above doesn’t apply if you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing, so you’re going to need to be trained in marketing strategies. Ideally, whichever company you begin with will provide you with full training. Sure it’s possible to train yourself through books, internet articles, or other products you might buy. However, having all your training resources in one place (i.e. your company website) will be much simpler than buying various resources and figuring things out on your own. It can also be very useful if your company provides you with a personal mentor you can speak to directly and who will answer your questions for you.

Reputable Company

I’ve put “reputable company” third, because if you know what you’re doing, you can essentially market anything out there and make money. However, how are you going to figure out how to do this marketing? Likely through the training your company has provided you with. So, if you’re a newbie marketer, join a reputable company that will tell you how to get started. Additionally, I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable selling useless products, or products that are outright scams. There’s lots of crap out there, so watch out for scam products.


You’re going to need something to drive you to success, since you’re essentially personally motivated, i.e. you don’t have a boss telling you what to do, and you won’t get fired if you don’t work, you’ll just go broke. Money is a great initial incentive, but over time you’ll need more to keep you driven. Maybe you want to become a philanthropist or give back to your community? Write out a list of personal goals when you begin your marketing career, they will help to push you to succeed.

So to sum up, research any company you might be thinking of joining, and if you’re new to the industry, ensure they’ll provide you with full training. Also make sure you’re ready to put in some serious effort and not give up when things get a little tough. Make a list of goals, and don’t give up until you’ve achieved them.

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