How To Be Successful In Business and Life with Judd Weiss

How To Be Successful In Business and Life with Judd Weiss

Anarchast Ep.411

Jeff interviews Judd Weiss, topics include: entrepreneurialism, Judd’s journey to real estate success, creating a dramatically good impression, investing in yourself, creating opportunities, bringing value to the table, turning a competitive situation into a cooperative one, looking for the optimal solution, bringing value to everyone around you, getting out of your own way, being passionate about what you do, self esteem is a side effect of self development, assertiveness comes from confidence, confidence comes with skill, perseverance, many give up just before success, transformation exists outside your comfort zone, feel the fear and do it anyway, Judd’s new venture; Lit Club.

Judd Weiss and Adam Kokesh video ‘Freedom and Entrepreneurship’:

The book ‘Getting to Yes’:

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